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Looking to fill up your closet with things you actually wear? Raphael usually starts the process with closet evaluations to help asses your needs.

By taking a look at your closet, Raphael evaluates what is missing, what would work best for you, and what you can live without. Closely studying your wardrobe, body shape, fit, and coloring, she eliminates unneccessary items that are unflattering, and re-works items you haven't been using optimally. She creates outfits to



Personal Styling - Image Consulting

Shopping Sessions

We start with reviewing your lifestyle and style goals, to establish and define your personal style. Have your wardrobe evaluated and decluttered, keeping only items that will help in emphasizing your new and improved personal style. Discover new ways of styling existing items in your closet. Get a detailed shopping list of recommended items to add to your closet, customized for your budget and lifestyle needs.

Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping

Based on your personal style and budget, a stylist will select clothes to suit your wardrobe and goals. Enjoy shopping with your favorite brands but with the ease of pre-selected outfits.

Locations available:

In-person (personalized shopping trip)

In-person (clothes brought to you your home)

Virtual (via video chat & curated shopping list)



Already done your own closet cleanout and just need help putting things together? Raphael can help you make the most of your existing wardrobe and create outfits with what you already have and love.


Need to asses your old wardrobe and get rid of all that you have that doesn't work and replace it with items you'll love? schedule a Closet Audit with Karen for an honest evaulation of both what works for your shape and style, and also stays classic and timeless.


If going shopping scares you and you need guidance on what items work best, and how to fill in the missing pieces of your wardrobe, Raphael offers both in person and virtual shopping experiences.

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Raphael works with a team of professional tailors for both red carpet and personal shopping clients looking to accomplish the perfect fit for their everyday wardrobe, or an upcoming event.

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